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Purr Pods

Purr Pods Concept

Burning Man 2019



A friend told me if I was going to dream up a sculpture, dream big. Don't base it on my skills (or lack thereof!) or the cost to build it. Well, the first sketches were definitely dreaming big. They involved fire and towers and giant scratching posts with disco balls. Yes!!

As I sketched and schemed - and still thinking big! - I came up with the concept of the Purr Pods. 


Up to 5 large feline shaped sculptures in a circle, each in a different pose with a built-in bench. They will be constructed with welded metal rod to create the contour of the animals, possibly skinned with metal mesh or ferro-cement to further enhance the shapes, or built using wood and a combination of other materials. Each piece will be illuminated with color changing LEDs and have intense “laser” eyes and fiber optic whiskers. From a distance, playa travelers only see 1 or 2 of the cats at first but, as they get closer, they will discover the colorful clowder. During the day, the sculptures can provide shade as well as a restful place to sit. By night, the glowing laser eyes promise mischief and draw participants in to explore the curves of the cats. When petted, these kitties purr!

The Purr Pods received a Black Rock City Honorarium and lounged and purred for participants at Burning Man's 2019 Metamorphoses. 

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Illustration by Molly Gregory

Concept Collage

Cut and Paste Concept

Chicken Wire Maquette

Shaping My Idea in Chicken Wire

Concept Collage

Cut and Paste Concept


The Giant Vega Form

Chicken Wire

Shaping Vega's Paws with Chicken Wire

Drywall Papier Mâché

Covering Vega with Drywall Papier Mâché

Ready for Rings

Drywall Papier Mâché is Done

So Many Rings

Covering Vega with Metal Rings

Pulling Metal

Removing Big Pieces of the Vega

Kitty Surfing

"Testing" the Weld Strength

Riding Vega


Taking a Break

Stapling Chicken Wire to the Luna Form

Cat Storage

Getting Creative in a Small Shop

Testing Cat Back Strength

Standing on Luna to Check the Welds

Flying Cat

Loading Vega onto the Truck

Heading to Burning Man

The Purr Pods Heading to Burning Man

Cats on a Truck

The Purr Pods Arrive on Playa

Herding Cats

Moving Luna into Position

Testing Lights

Installing and Testing Lights

Tutu Tuesday

Giant Tutus for Giant Cats

Purr Pods at Dusk

Photo by Leori Gill

Campmate on Scooby Doo

Kitty Love

Purr Pods at Night

Photo by Leori Gill

Heading Home

Purr Pods Loaded and Ready to Go Home

Purr Pods Around the World

American Museum of the House Cat, Sylva NC

One of the three of the three original Purr Pods, Scooby Doo, was donated to the American Museum of the House Cat and will soon be on purrmanent display in downtown Sylva, NC.

Point San Pablo Harbor, Richmond, CA

After Burning Man, Vega and Luna, the remaining two original Purr Pods, landed at Point San Pablo Harbor (PSPH), an incredible place filled with art. 

PSPH became a home base for Vega and Luna as the cats ventured out and then returned.

Gallivan Center, Salt Lake City, UT

They spent six months at the Gallivan Center in downtown Salt Lake City, UT to help illuminate to the area and bring joy during the pandemic.

Ashton Court Mansion, Bristol, UK

A new Purr Pod was created and shipped to England. Bristol Boo is a purrmament resident at the incredible Ashton Count Mansion.

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