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Cat Butt BBQ and Bake Sale


MEOWZERS! What a shindig!!! We had so meowch fun!!!

Thank you to everyone who came and danced and supported the project through ticket sales. Purr...



We're hosting a BBQ at The New Shop next Sunday afternoon/evening, July 16th, in support of my 'Trust'  installation! 

Come join us to eat, drink, hang out and see the five enormous steel cats that are getting ready for their first prowl to Black Rock City. 

Team Trust has been working hard on these charming, hilarious sculptures, and we want to celebrate their creation and help them make it to Burning Man.

When: 3pm to 9pm / Sunday, July 16th

Where: The New Shop, East Yard / 1 West Barrett, Richmond


Parking next door in the lot of Traverse Fitness (see map)

If you’d like to share some food, beverages, coolers, grills, etc., we have a sign up sheet.


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