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Trust Concept

Burning Man 2023



When a cat shows you her butt, she absolutely trusts you. She's like, "Here! You're my human and I feel good about it." And it’s funny!


Meeting new people, experiencing new things - and going to Burning Man! - can be intimidating and overwhelming.


Trust provides comic relief to help people let down their guard and, hopefully, feel safe to trust themselves and other people they encounter within the ring.


Trust is a circle of 5 large, metal, cat sculptures with their butts and tails in the air, buttholes facing inward. Each butthole is decorated differently - disco, infinity mirror, fabric, textured, uv-reactive, etc. Each cat will have a color theme with matching collar: Purple, Turquoise, Chartreuse, Hot Pink, and International Orange. The cats’ eyes light up and each sculpture will cast a colorful glow onto the playa in its theme color.


Within the circle of cats, participants will find a scratching post themed podium with a binder of laminated pages of trust exercises. People can explore and interact with each other inside the "ring of trust." 

The trust exercises provided to visitors inside the circle of cats can offer them fun ways to connect with strangers and possibly build new - or strengthen existing! - relationships.

A nearby cat condo inspired bench houses the solar panels, batteries and charge controller. It provides shade by day and a great viewpoint to gaze at the glowing kitties by night.

Inspiration and Dedication

Each cat sculpture in Trust will be dedicated to someone I lost in the past year.

One of the cat sculptures will be purple (lighting, collar, etc.) and I am dedicating it specifically to my beloved friend, Heather Winfrey. She loved purple, had purple hair, personally rescued hundreds of cats, and loved her friends, family and husband with all her heart. I miss her so much.

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Illustration by Molly Gregory

Original Trust Concept

First images submitted for the BRC Honoraria Letter of Intent.

3D Model of Toy Cat

This model, by Heather Lea Blue, was created from a 3D scan of a toy cat.

Trust Cat Form

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped put this cat together! We used one form for all 5 Cats of Trust.

Drywall Papier-mâché

After the form is covered and shaped with chickenwire, it is covered with at least 3 layers of drywall papier mâché to shape the cat.

Drywall Papier-mâché

Drywall papier mâche finished and cat is ready for the rings.

Metal Rings

The form is covered with hand-tied metal rings. Then it's wheeled into the shop for welding.


Volunteers make it possible.


I had the help from some awesome friends for this project. Sometimes we had 4 welders going at the same time!

First Cat

Many paws went into making the Trust Cats. I am so grateful.

First Cat

First Trust Cat is done!

Two Cats!

Because of the short timeline, we put in long hours to make FIVE cat sculptures.

Two Cats

One cat is ready to roll out of the shop to make room for the next cat.

Heading to Burning Man

FIVE Trust Cats and their cardboard box solar station headed to Burning Man on a 48 foot flatbed truck.

Flying Cat

Unloading the Trust Cats at Burning Man.

Campmates Are Pawesome

My campmates volunteered to help me build the Trust installation on plava. I couldn't have done it without them.

Daytime Tutu Tuesday

The Cats of Trust sported tutus in their theme color for Tutu Tuesday.

Light Check

Successful light check at dusk.

Cat Butt

Every Cat of Trust had a theme color and an illuminated and interactive butthole.

Cat Butt

Every Cat of Trust had a theme color and an illuminated and interactive butthole.

Cat Butt

Every Cat of Trust had a theme color and an illuminated and interactive butthole.

Cat Butt

Every Cat of Trust had a theme color and an illuminated and interactive butthole.

Cat Butt

Every Cat of Trust had a theme color and an illuminated and interactive butthole.

Blue Moon

The Trust Cats during the Blue Moon at Burning Man with my campmates' moon art car.

Trust and the Full Moon

Trust and the gorgeous full moon.

Reno-Tahoe International Art Show 2023

I brought Trust to Reno for the Reno-Tahoe International Art Show (RTIA Show) after Burning Man. What an incredible show!


I met so many ameowzing artists and made mew friends in the Reno Burning Man community! AND so tickled that the cats were enjoyed by a brand mew audience.

Click to see the full image.

Trust in Portland 2023-2024

I am purrleased to announce that three out of the five Trust Cats are now in my beloved hometown of Portland, Oregon.

We had a grrrrreat turnout of volunteers and were able to install the sculptures in about three hours! Meowzers! Thank mew to those who came out to help and have offered to keep an eye on the kitties.

And big hanks to friend and Portland Winter Light Festival Creative Director, Chris Herring, for giving the cats a temporary home. We ran into each other at the Trust installation site at Burning Man and started talking about bringing the cats to Portland. And we did!

If you are in, or planning to visit, the Portland Metro area, the cats will be on display for FIVE MONTHS - and they get to be part of the Portland Winter Light Festival too!!!

You can find them in the South Park Blocks near the corner of SW Park and SW Main in downtown Portland, across from The Mark Building which is part of the Portland Art Museum.

If you do go, please take photos of yourself with them and share on FB and IG.

Spread the kitty love and tell your friends!

Click to see the full image.

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