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Underwater Psychedelic Disco Cat Box

Underwater Psychedelic Disco Cat Box

Cat-Inspired Blacklight Diorama


The Underwater Psychedelic Disco Cat Box extended and combined the my love of cats and blacklight stuff. 

It's an unexpected and surreal 3D blacklight cat-themed shadow box/diorama. Everything in the box, from the cats doing cat and non-cat stuff on cat and non-cat things, to the trippy walls, ceiling and floor of the cube all glow with UV/blacklight-reactive paint. It's colorful and swirly in the daylight too!

It's first installation was at the incredible Golden Guy Gallery at Burning Man in 2022. Tucked into the Golden Guy Alley neighborhood, the gallery is an interactive wall of 2D and 3D curated art.

Since then, the UPDCB has altered minds and purrspectives at the Portland Winter Light Festival in Portland, Oregon and the Autumn Light Festival in Oakland, California.

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