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Space Muffin

Space Muffin 2018 _ Photo by Leori Gill

Photo by Leori Gill

Mutant Vehicle


I fell in love with the Muffins/Cupcake mutant vehicles my very first year at Burning Man in 2005. Since then, I've become friends with many of the original creators - even married one!

I got to drive one of those Cupcakes in 2013 with several other Cupcakes and Muffins - I think there were at least 6 of us - and people ran to catch up with us and talk to us and have their picture taken with us. They were sooooo excited and happy to see and play with us. THAT'S why I wanted to build a Cupcake and bring it to the playa.


So, in 2014, with a lot of in-person and online assistance, I created my own! The first version was a giant Devils Food Cupcake with glowing horns. And OMG! People flipped out! In fact, I met one of the original animators of The Simpsons on my first night out after getting my night license and he told me that the Cupcakes were going to be on an upcoming episode (Blazed and Confused)!

In 2018, I was awarded my first Black Rock Honoraria Grant for my large scale art installation, Stardust. And because it had an outer space theme, I decided to convert the Devils Food Cupcake into a Space Muffin.

The "frosting" was rebuilt and strengthened as the Cupcake/Muffin had experienced at least one crash and several full body hugs from enthusiastic frosting lickers. I repositioned the neck hole too so it was a more comfortable ride for me. The creators of the original Cupcakes/Muffins added flair with sparkly diner vinyl and working antenna made out of bits from a tomato cage. So clever!!!

That year I was able to bring the Space Muffin fully assembled in a big box truck with a lift gate since I was also hauling Stardust out. But I designed the Cupcake/Muffin to break down and fit inside and on top of my 1977 VW Bus, Miss Zora.


The Space Muffin hasn't ventured out recently but with the Bay Area Maker Faire's return, I may resurrect it and give it spin once more.

  • Stardust and Space Muffin on Instagram
  • Space Muffin on Flickr
Cupcake Driving, Burning Man 2013

Drove my friend's Cupcake MV in 2013 and was hooked!

Frosting Lid Frame

Building the base for the Devils Food Cupcake frosting lid, 2014.


Devils Food Cupcake "frosting."

DMV Line

Cupcakes in the Department of Mutant Vehicles line at Burning Man 2014.

Simpsonized Devils Food Cupcake

Simpsonized my Cupcake.

Devils Food Cupcake Mini Maker Faire

Devils Food Cupcake the Portland Mini Maker Faire 2014.

Photo by Scott London

Devils Food Cupcake at Burning Man 2015. Photo by Scott London.

Devils Food Cupcake by the Yard Car

Devils Food Cupcake at Portland's Mini Maker Faire 2015. Yarn Car by Tim Klein.

Devils Food Cupcake 2016

Devils Food Cupcake 2016

New Lights for Space Muffin

Making a Space Muffin with all new lights!

Space Muffin Light Test

Space Muffin Light Test

Space Muffin Details

Adding details to the Space Muffin.

Frosting Fitting

Checking the frosting fit.

Unloading the Space Muffin

Fully assembled Space Muffin ready to roll. Burning Man 2018.

Photo by Jamen Percy 2018

Candy Corn Cupcake and Space Muffin at Burning Man 2018. Photo by Jamen Percy.

Space Muffin with Stardust

Space Muffin with Stardust at dusk 2018.

Space Muffin in the 2018 DMV line. Photo by Leori Gill

Space Muffin 2018. Photo by Leori Gill.

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