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Herding Cats

Updated: Jan 15

It's time to consolidate my projects down to one spot. Here!

I wasn't expecting to make big art long-term so I made a website - and all it's social media trappings - for each project. It's become unwieldy and expensive to maintain so I'm rounding it all up and pointing to this site, my very own art site.

It feels weird. I still don't think of myself as a "real" artist especially surrounded by so many talented folks in the Bay Area and the people I meet at exhibitions, gallery shows and at Burning Man.

But I've been given opportunities time and time again to make big stuff. I love it. People dig it. I get to work with crazy amazing people.

So, since I think I found what I want to do with my life at the moment (I still want to learn how to play the drums!), I'll be pointing the project domains over here and slowly move photos and stories over.

In the mean time, some of the links in the blog (Mews) will send you to the other sites. It'll be a slow process because I'm hoping to be building more big art soon. Yay!

Three of the Trust Cats in the South Park Blocks, Downtown Portland, Oregon 2023.

They'll be there until May 2024.

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